Any time some building gets started in Amarillo, we immediately think it's going to be another Toot'n Totum or coffee shop. I mean, it stands to be good reasoning, we've got so many of them and typically when we see new building going on, it is indeed one of those things.

We've seen dirt mounds start disappearing again, and the building begin, around the city. The one I'm here to talk about is the mound that has disappeared at Georgia and 58th.

Before we get started, let's just dispel the idea that another one of the aforementioned places is being built. It's not, and not that I don't love my coffee or convenience stores, I'm happy to hear we shouldn't see either of those pop up.

What's being built is actually a small shopping center, and it's going to contain some new, yet old, places for us.

In one of the places, we're going to see a Joe Taco pop up. They recently closed their downtown location (booooo), but they are going to resurface in this small place. Good, I like me some Joe Taco from time to time. I'm glad to see they're just relocating and not shutting down a location.

Another plot inside the shopping center is rumored to be a party rental place. I can get down with this idea, I don't feel like there are enough TRUE party rental places in Amarillo, and we do enjoy throwing a good party from time to time, don't we?

Outside of that, we have no confirmation as to what will be popping up in the shopping center. There is a rumor floating around that Chick-Fil-A is building a new location there, but we don't have confirmation of that. I wouldn't be upset at that either. Maybe it'll help alleviate some of the lines at the other locations.

What we CAN confirm is that Amarillo is growing, and rapidly.

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