One of the few luxuries we have available to us that isn't touched by some kind of mandate is the backyard BBQ. It's something my family and I enjoy as often as we can right now. Saturdays are pretty much reserved for burgers, hot dogs, and s'mores.

With the rising costs of food we've had to scale things back a bit, and we're not alone. Costs are rising across the U.S.

So how much does a backyard BBQ cost on average?

According to a study done at, the average cost for a backyard BBQ in the state of Texas is roughly $107.

They came to this figure by looking at the costs of food (cheeseburger ingredients, sides, drinks, paper/plastic utensils and plates), and set the attendance at 10 people. That's the max number recommended by the CDC.

Oddly enough, that puts Texas about $30 away from the most expensive state, which is Alaska. We're about $8 more expensive than the cheapest state, which is South Carolina.

Also included in their study is how much the cost of certain items has gone up by state. In Texas, the cost of hamburger has gone up 26.8% In Alaska, it has gone up by over 60%.

At this point, I'm taking every victory I can get. My backyard cookouts have no where near 10 people at them, so the cost for me is less than the study, and I don't have to worry about masks and who has been where and with whom.

If you want to take a look at the study for yourself, check it out by going clicking on this link to go to the Simple.Thrifty.Living. website.

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