Running a restaurant in Amarillo is a lot of work. The daily grind to make sure you can keep the doors open, keeping the customers happy, and not to mention keeping the place up to standard for the health department.

I can just imagine that when it's finally running smooth and everything falls into place it is a huge sigh of relief. However, that is not what is happening with one local Amarillo restaurant.

The Amarillo Netplex has tried its hand at having a food establishment on the property. It started with Moondoggy's getting a second location from their downtown place. It didn't last too long because a thing called the Pandemic hit. So Moondoggy's, when all was said and done, ended up closing both places.

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The next restaurant that moved in was Time Out Sports Bar & Grill. It lasted for a bit and then like that it was gone too. The latest in the restaurant moves was that Robinson's BBQ was closing up its longtime location on Hillside to try its hand out at the Amarillo Netplex.

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Now remember once they moved out of the Hillside location Nine Line BBQ moved in. You could get whiplash with all the chess moves happening around Amarillo. Robinson's TimeOut Bar & Grill opened up back in March of 2023.

Here we are a short year later and they are gone.

Yep, in case you didn't try to stop by and see the closed doors they are in fact gone. This happened over the weekend. According to someone close to the situation, the landlords wouldn't renew the lease.

What is Next for Robinson's BBQ?

They have options. One is getting their food truck up and running again. That is something they can do until they decide the next step for a location. The bad part is the staff. They are looking for work.

The restaurant business in Amarillo can be ever-changing. Sometimes you can miss the changes. To quote Ferris Bueller

Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

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