One thing I seem to see a lot of around here.

Missing stores that no longer exist.

We all have those stores, and most of them are based on where we grew up. The store I miss? Blockbuster Music. Back then, the ability to walk up to the listening station with a stack of whatever CD's you wanted and just sit down and listen to them was everything to me.

The amount of money it ultimately saved me is invaluable, and it's how I used to kill time during summer vacation. I'd just hop on my bike, ride through a couple neighborhoods and bam, I was there. Now with streaming services, you can listen to whatever you want whenever you want, so I get why it went away.

One of the places I hear a lot about in Amarillo is Hastings. I've been to a Hastings before, in Greeley, Colorado if memory serves me correct, and I thought it was cool and everything but it didn't seem to blow me away.

I was bouncing around on Reddit and saw someone post this:

The comments started flowing in like clockwork, all off of an old receipt.

Sure, there were the typical "I miss Hastings" comments, but there were a few that seemed to have the same sentiment and it got me wondering.

What happened at Hastings on Friday nights in Amarillo? I saw several people make mention of it. Did Hastings turn into a dance club on Friday night or something? Or was it just a local hangout where everyone from school gathered?

I truly want to know about this, because it seemed like it was THE spot to be. Who can tell me what went on? Let's invoke some memories!

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