Lemonade Day has been a part of the Amarillo community for a few years now. It's a great day that kids learn all about starting and running a business. What better way to learn than by opening up their own lemonade stand?

Saturday is the official day here in Amarillo. So as you are driving around town and you see a stand out make sure you stop and visit with these kids. They have been learning about all the work it involves for a while now.

They now get to see the rewards of all their hard work. They get to see how much money they can make when they put a plan together. There will be many stands around town.

You can see where the stands are located HERE. Looking at the virtual map I see a lot of great lemonade. I found some unusual ones that I am most interested to try. A lavender lemonade? Ok, that sounds good.

If you want something a little spicier there will also be a jalapeno lemonade. Get me some of that. There will be also other ways the kids are making money. So there will be more than just lemonade.

What Else Can I Get Besides Lemonade?

Of course you will be able to find some baked goods around town. You want a pickle? Yep some stands will be selling those. It's going to be a hot day so you will be able to find popsicles too.

We will be out at the Sonic on Hillside from 11 am - 1 pm as well celebrating Lemonade Day. United Supermarkets has a $100 gift card that you need to sign up to win. A lot will be going on during Lemonade Day on Saturday.

Make sure you take a much-needed break and enjoy some great lemonade. Help these kids reach their goals.

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