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Tampa Bay and Kansas City are going to go head-to-head in this year's big game, and there are options if you're wanting to leave the house to watch.

Of course your favorite sports bar & grill will be showing the game. When it comes to watching sports, having a beer, and getting something to eat I have my personal favorites. Beef O' Brady's and Firehouse are two of my favorites.

If you're wanting something a little different, and you have some friends that would like to split the cost with you, you could watch on the big screen.

That's big screen as in movie theater big screen.

Cinergy Entertainment is doing a package that will let you watch the game in a private theater on the big screen, plus there's a pizza buffet and salad bar. It'll set you back $300, but split the cost with your friends and it's not so bad.

They'll also be showing the game in their bar and bowling areas in case you don't want the theater experience.

Sitting in the theater would be pretty cool though. Not just for the sheer size of the screen, but the sound system would make it an experience that you don't often get when watching football.

If you decide to watch the game at Cinergy this year, be on the lookout for a crew from Thunder 98.7. You never know who might show up.

You can find out more about the packages Cinergy has available by following this link.

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