As we kick off the new year, we may as well kick it off with something new here in Amarillo. Well, it's something new yet something old.

The "old" portion of this is Cinergy. It's been here for a bit, so that's not exactly the new thing. However, what they are now offering in the new year is the new portion.

Cinergy is now offering monthly memberships that will allow you to to always have a good time, and not have to worry about whether you have the money right here and now. There are several different tiers you can become a part of, and each one offers something a little different.


This membership will run you $14.99 per month and gets you some nice perks. To start, you get hooked up with one movie ticket credit for the month. You don't HAVE to use it in that particular month as there is a 90-day rollover associated with it, so you could bank up a few movies if you wanted.

You'll receive a 10% discount on food and beverage (sorry, not on alcohol), a free arcade game play card with $5 per week, as well as a free in-center attraction pass for the month. On top of that, you'll get 2x Elite points earned and you won't have to pay any online ticketing fees.


For $21.99 per month, you can up your game a bit. You'll get TWO free movie ticket credits each month, still retaining the 90-day rollover on them, and you'll earn yourself 3x Elite points on this membership. You also get another in-center attraction pass per month with this one brining your monthly total to two.

The rest of the perks from the Elite Gold membership carry over the same.


This is for those who don't see enough movies to justify one of the other memberships. Maybe you just go to Cinergy for a bit of fun. This is the one for you then. You'll receive one hour of bowling or axe throwing each month. Don't use it in a particular month? You can roll it over for free, giving you two hours to play with the following month.

You'll get 2x Elite points earned with this membership, as well as the 10% food and beverage discount and the free in-center arcade game play card of $5 weekly. This membership will run you $14.99 per month.

To get your membership, all you have to do is click here.

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