Back when I was learning how to drive, it was required that we take a drivers education course. You could either take the one the school offered or you could pay to do it at a true driving school.

They don't seem to offer that in schools anymore, and it's not a required thing here in Texas. Well, I'm here to tell you it should be, especially in Amarillo.

When I moved to Texas from Colorado, I noticed that the roadway system was very different here. All these different frontage roads were new to me. I was so confused as to why there were these long runoffs. In Colorado, you get off the highway and you're at the light.

The drivers in Austin aren't too bad. Sure, they like to go fast, but they have a tendency to follow just about every rule on the road. In eight years there, I only felt like I was going to get in an accident maybe twice.

Then I move to Amarillo, and every day I feel like there is the potential for an accident to happen. Does anyone get ANY kind of road training here or is it just a wild wild west mentality? It seems as if we don't even know how to use a yield sign, and that's pretty needed here.

The right turn green arrow when the light is red? Yeah it means you can turn right without having to stop. It means no one is going to hit you. You don't need to stop because the main light is red, just go when you see green. Simple concept.

You know that middle lane? It's not an extra lane for you to keep rolling down and skip traffic. Don't use it like that. The amount of times I've almost been hit in that lane is staggering. It's there for me to get into so I can turn, not so you can skip traffic.

Come on y'all, let's get it together out there. Pay attention and learn how to drive.

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