Forget LeBron or Anthony Davis -- the biggest stud on the hardwood this week is Ryan Sturdivan,

The senior guard hit a pair of buzzer beaters -- one from half-court, the other from three-quarters length to win the game -- in leading Woodland High (WA) to a victory over Kelso High earlier this week.

Sturdivan first dropped the half-court shot at the end of the first half and then somehow topped that with his game-winning shot from behind half-court.

That's right, he hit TWO buzzer beaters.

Sturdivan led all scorers with 24 points.

After the game, he was as modest as could be, saying, "Please don’t make it sound like I did it all myself. My teammates played great defense, they got me the ball in spots where I like to shoot... none of us gave up when it looked bad. All I did was make a lucky shot.”

Actually, make that two lucky shots.

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