Join me dear readers, as I take us on a tour through one of the most absolutely beautiful homes I've ever seen!

This stunner can be found on 2802 S. Hughes in Amarillo's historic Wolflin. There's many beautiful homes in this area, sure. But let me tell you something--this home is really something else.

In fact, I'll wager that it is absolutely worth every single penny of the $1,530,000 asking price. Yes. really.

It's a 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom roomy estate that comes in at 5,285 sq feet. It's listed with Leslie Cunningham w/ Keller Williams Realty and my goodness I envy the lucky family who gets this stunner next.

Blue For Royal Blue

The first thing I noticed when I saw the pictures of the interior was the color: slight variations of a distinguished, plush, royal blue that run throughout the entire home. I've never quite seen this shade before, and it really does make the whole experience that is this elegant home.

I also noticed the other little details, like the groove-and-peg wood floors, crown molding, the fantastic view of the garden. Oh and the ENORMOUS rooms!

But what am I waiting for? Take a look for yourself!

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Leslie Cunningham w/ Keller Williams

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