Oh me, oh my!

You know what's better than drooling over great big expensive homes you can only dream of living in? Those cute little listings that are every bit 'top-notch' and dreamy....but have a price tag that hovers juuuuuuust within reach.

Those home listings are an actual dream come true. And why, yes! I've got the perfect listing that fits the bill--literally!

For Sale in Historic Wolflin District

Now, Wolflin Historic District is typically anything but 'budget-friendly'. That's why I gasped with surprise when I saw this beautiful little listing with a marked down asking price of just $599,900.

Are you kidding me?! I clicked on the link so fast I think i may have sprained something. But wow. It's worth it.

I can't believe it. This little cozy house at 3200 S. Milam is a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom dream come true. And if you're an artist at heart--or even someone who has a deep appreciation for beauty and color--then you've got to see this place.

It is a breath of fresh air!

It's listed with Dana Spidel w/ Fathom Realty, LLC, and I just know that some lucky little family will soon snatch it up off the market and truly enjoy this POP! of luxurious color that they can call their own.

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Home is where the heart is and the heart here is quite the artist! Take a look at this gorgeous listing nestled in the heart of Wolflin Historic District. Located at 3200 S Milam, this amazing home is a showcase of love and an exquisite artistic touch!

Listed with Dana Spidel w/ Fathom Realty, LLC for a jawdropping bargain of just $569,328 this stunner will absolutely not be on the market long. Take a peek inside while you still can!

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