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What is possibly one of the coolest inventions in modern history, is now being recalled due to a potential fire hazard. The number of Ring video doorbells affected is about 350,000.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the problem occurs when the doorbell is installed using incorrect screws. This leads to the battery overheating, and could potentially lead to a fire.

The units being recalled are the Ring Video Doorbells (2nd Generation).

If you have not installed your camera yet, you are encouraged not to until you have contacted Ring and obtained revised installation instructions.

Several of my friends use a Ring video doorbell, and love them. They've all told me about how it is great to have if you order a lot from Amazon and aren't home when it's delivered.

They have given us all something to laugh at. There is no shortage of video clips on the Internet of people doing something hilarious, only for it be caught on video.

There have also been several heartwarming moments captured where family members are reunited, or kids come up to the doorbell just to tell their parents that they love them. There have even been moments caught on film when someone in distress has been rescued.

It really is incredible what all these video doorbells have been able to capture since they came out.

They've also helped catch porch pirates who aren't aware they're stealing from someone with a video doorbell installed. There is no shortage of scary footage out there as well, when a would be home intruder is caught on film.

The video doorbells are awesome, and I hope they're here for a long time. If you have one now, be sure to check the recall information.

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