There is just something about fall time that brings joy to a lot of people. We can actually get outside at any time of the day and not fear that we are going to melt away. The weather starts cooling off and it just calms people down.

There is football to enjoy. There are pumpkin patches. The leaves will start turning colors. We will finally have piles of leaves in our yard to dispose of. Oh, but that is ok the weather will at least be a lot cooler. So it even makes yardwork more enjoyable.

So with the fall there is time to get out and enjoy the fall shopping too. That is exactly what is happening. Fall shopping is here and it is all to celebrate a grand opening. If you haven't been Downtown in awhile they got a new coffee shop.

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Downtown Amarillo needs more caffeine so it is highly appreciated. The introduction of Lonesome Rider. They are located inside of Yolo's. So you can get a full selection of coffee's and grab breakfast too.

Need an afternoon kick and a burger or some of their great mac n cheese. You can grab food and that afternoon coffee. You can now also celebrate their grand opening and do some shopping too.

credit: Lonesome Rider
credit: Lonesome Rider

Lonesome Rider is hosting a fall fest. They will have over thirty vendors. So you can try some of their fall coffee menu and get a little shopping done too. It will be happening Saturday, September 23rd from 8am until 1pm.

credit: Lonesome RIder
credit: Lonesome RIder

So what better way to kick off the official first day of fall then celebrating Lonesome Riders Grand Opening Celebration. Grab a coffee and a shopping bag and go.

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