It's ok, we've all been there. Road rage is a real thing, we all just go about it a bit differently. One thing that is typically the same among us all though is the CAUSE of road rage. Here's 5 things I feel can trigger all of us to road rage a bit.

1. Horns being honked in dead stop traffic

Look, I totally get that you are in a hurry and sick of sitting in traffic. Guess what, so am I. But if you're not moving and I'm not moving, what makes you think the person in front of me is any different? We're all just going to have to wait our turn to move, but I promise you this. If you honk your horn at me ONE MORE TIME...

2. Lane closures...but no workers in sight for days

Yes I know, workers have shifts as well, so if there's a lane closure with no workers around at like 7pm, I'm fine with it. It's when you take the same route home day after day and every single one of those days, you see NO ONE around. If there aren't enough workers for the amount of jobs going on, maybe wait a bit longer until you can staff them. This drives me up a wall.

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3. Tailgating

Maybe it's just me, but when we're going any speed over say...5 miles per hour, stay off my butt. This isn't a NASCAR race and I'm not giving you a draft at the speeds we are allowed to drive at. I understand you're probably trying to show me how pretty your car is and how fast it can go, but all it takes is a tap of my brakes to smash up the front end of your pretty little ride. And trust me, I might just do it.

4. Shoulder driving

What is shoulder driving you ask? It's exactly what it sounds like. There's always some cowboy who decides they can't sit in traffic any longer, so they sidle up to the shoulder and treat it as another lane. Ooooooh man, let me tell you something. When I see someone doing that, all I want to do is slide my car about 3-4 inches in on that shoulder and sit there. I'm going to block you so you get stuck just like me...and then when that police officer sees you stuck there, you'll find out what the shoulder is REALLY for.

5. Cutting people off

Am I not driving fast enough for you? I'm sorry, the speed limit currently says 65 MPH...and that's how fast I'm going. I see you're tired of tailgating me and have decided to whip around me into the next lane. Oh, now you want to cut me off to prove something to me? Funny how you are making me want to tailgate YOU now, but I won't. I also know you nearly clipped the front end of my car and sent us both spinning. I don't ever want to see anyone get hurt, but I sincerely hope one of these days you get what's coming your way.

I have to stop now. If you couldn't tell, I was starting to get a little road raged up just THINKING about it. Ladies & gentlemen, please be kind on the roads. The road rage only puts us ALL in a bad position, and inevitably ends up hurting the person on the receiving end of it, not the giving end.

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