I received an email today from a company that ranked the top 100 "summer destination" cities in the U.S. Amarillo didn't crack their list. But don't be fooled, there is plenty to do around town this summer for the whole family.

There are several special events happening in our area this summer, like our Summer Kickoff Party, but if you're wanting to make a spontaneous Saturday trip these are five destinations close to home.

  • 1

    Wonderland Amusement Park

    Good afternoon get away for the kids. With the water slides and rides, it's also a good way to cool down on those hot summer days. Check out Wonderland's website HERE for more info.

  • 2

    Amarillo Zoo

    Zoo trips are always a great way to spend a summer day. The Amarillo Zoo, according to their website, hosts 150 animals representing 88 species. Check the Zoo's website HERE for info on special events.

  • 3

    Starlight Ranch

    Starlight Ranch has already kicked off the season with Kevin Fowler, and there's plenty more to come. Food, live music, and activities/games make Starlight Ranch a great way to spend a summer evening. Get a full schedule of events HERE.

  • 4

    Palo Duro Canyon

    Camping, hiking, and special events are what makes Palo Duro Canyon so special. It's a great way to spend a day or weekend. Plus, there are events planned and they'll even help provide you with sun screen. Find out more HERE.

  • 5

    Indulge In The Arts

    If you want a more relaxed way to spend a day this summer that also includes air conditioning, check out one of Amarillo's many museums, galleries, or take in a performance in one of the theaters. Amarillo has no shortage of talent when it comes to the arts.

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