It never fails. Every time there's a big event, there's always going to be a party pooper. Don't be the party pooper. Use these tips when you attend the Amarillo Craft Beer and Bacon Fest. Tickets are available now for general admission and VIP.


  • 1

    Get Your Tickets Early

    No one is going to be sad for you if you can't get a ticket. Tickets are on sale now, and have been. Don't show up to the event hoping to get a ticket. They'll cost more, and there's no guarantees that there will be any left.

    The event is 21 and up, so no cry-babies allowed. And, DON'T FORGET YOUR ID!

  • 2

    Don't Pregame Before

    Usually I would encourage pregaming and then calling an Uber. But not this time. The line will be long. No one wants to hear you drunkenly complain about heat and wait times.

    Look back at the end of rule one. That also applies to drunk cry-babies.

  • 3

    The VIP is for VIP Ticket Holders

    So if you didn't buy a VIP ticket, don't ask. Unless you're Floyd Mayweather Jr, we're going to assume you can read the sign that says "VIP Only."

    Floyd, don't take offense. It's only a joke. Please leave my face intact.

  • 4

    Don't Loiter

    Get a sample and keep moving down the trail. There are a lot of vendors. There's a lot to sample. Food and drink will be everywhere. So keep the line moving.

    This lets everyone have a chance to sample it all. No one really cares to hear that wonderful anecdote about your dog dragging its butt across the floor.

  • 5

    Don't Be A Slob

    I'm not your mom. One, because I'm a man. Two, I wouldn't want to be even if I could. Clean up after yourself. Throw your trash away.

    This isn't your college dorm room or the background for some 21-year-old cam girl.

  • 6

    Have Fun!

    I know that there's only supposed to be five, but I thought you might want a reminder. The event is about beer and bacon. Both things bring a lot of joy to a lot of people.

    They're not quite Santa Clause, but they are close on the scale of "Things That Make People Happy." So have a good time.

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