They say change is inevitable, we see it throughout life. Change in family, change in climate, change in jobs.

The one we're looking at today is all about change in job, and I guess based on the post, you could say change in family as well. We've seen a lot of change with public figures in the Amarillo area this year, and we're about to see another one.

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A new sheriff will be roaming Hutchinson County in the coming months, as current Sheriff Blaik Kemp has announced he is not going to run for re-election.

Kemp alludes to potential future plans in his Facebook posts by stating, "Passing up the opportunity to develop, scale, and market a business at this point in my life would be foolish". It sure sounds like he's got something in the works.

He also says he's not going anywhere, so whatever that potential business opportunity is, it sounds like it'll be right there in Hutchinson County. We wish him the best.

So with Kemp not running, it opens the door for a new sheriff in town, and right now, we know of at least one known candidate for the position.

Meet Jerry Langwell.

Langwell hails from Amarillo, and brings a wealth of experience with his candidacy by stating he has 24 years of law enforcement experience, and 18 of those years in Hutchinson County. He knows the area and people well with that kind of experience, and familiarity is always a good thing when it comes to running for public office.

He is the only candidate for the position, but that could all change. Anyone who wants to run for sheriff has until November to announce their candidacy, but whoever goes up against Langwell could have their hands full.

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