We are only two months into the year and it seems like Amarillo never slows down. There is always something going on. Of course, some are good and some bad. It's just the way things seem to go.

We have made it through the holidays and are finally getting back to our everyday routine before spring break hits. Then before you know it summer will be here. Yep, things never seem to slow down.

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Coffee Memorial Blood Center - 7500 Wallace Blvd. is still trying to recover from its emergency blood shortage. Things slow down with travel over the holidays. They also get hit when the weather turns bad. Donors don't like getting out in the conditions. So here we are.

One of the best ways to get the blood supply up is by Coffee Memorial hosting a blood drive. It's fun to watch people rallying all of their friends, and co-workers and just the kindness of strangers to come by and donate is someone's honor.

Carla Contreras Blood Drive - Feb. 20

That is exactly what is going to happen at Coffee Memorial Blood Center on Tuesday, February 20th from 9 am until 7 pm. This will be your chance to come by and help get that blood supply up above those dangerous levels.

Blood is needed to help keep sick patients strong. The blood is needed when an emergency happens. One donation on your part can help several people. That is the best way to help. Just giving an hour of your time is all it takes.

Coffee Memorial Blood Center
Coffee Memorial Blood Center

I remember when Carla Contreras lost her battle ten years ago. I watched her battle on social media. I didn't know her or her family. I feel like I know them very well now. Carla brings people together. She is going to do it again on February 20th as we honor and celebrate her life.

The best way to do that is to donate blood in her memory. Carla always had a smile on her face and knew how important the blood you donated helped her during her fight. Blood donations were there for her and need to continue to be there.

Make your plans, make your appointment or just walk in on Tuesday and help us.

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