It was the shocker of the year when Beef O'Brady's just randomly shut their doors here in Amarillo. Well, let's clarify, they didn't shut their doors, the owner of the building shut their doors for them.

Since then, there have been a lot of questions as to what happened and what caused the closure. I've heard things such as a nasty divorce between the people who owned the restaurant, the IRS was climbing up their back, the owner was arrested, and that they just stopped paying the rent on the building. These are all the rumors that have been floated around about it.

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I'm not going to sit here and speculate as to what happened there, that's for them to know. The other big question was will they ever reopen the restaurant? It was a popular spot for many, and they just wanted their restaurant back.

Well here's your update. Yes, it's going to reopen. Many have gone to the building and peered in the windows to see what's going on, and one person has reported seeing the entire place torn up aside from the bar itself. Everything has been ripped up and torn out.

One rumor I saw was that it was purchased by the owners of Chop Chop and they are doing a total makeover on the building and reopening it. In fact, a user on Reddit confirmed that hey delivered a bunch of TV's to the location about a week ago.

Some have heard it will reopen in August, but there are some complications that could derail that. Rumor is in order to reopen the restaurant, the lease has to be caught up on the building, new equipment needs to be purchased and installed, and supposedly back taxes have to be caught up.

That seems like a lot of things that won't just happen overnight if true. So we wait patiently, yet impatiently, for it to open its doors. When they do, it seems like it'll be a very popular place to head to once again.

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