There are a lot of good things about Braum's I will have to admit. I mean come on ice cream. That is the first thing that comes to mind. They even have their Fresh Market where you can get gallons of ice cream to bring home. That is a win.

You can also get some darn good milk. Braum's milk is probably the best. If you don't want to make a run to the grocery store Fresh Market can help. That, though,  is not even mentioning yet all the good food you can go in and order for lunch or dinner. Yes, they serve breakfast too. So is there something that Braum's can't do?

Google Maps
Google Maps

There is a mystery that I haven't been able to solve though. Braum's has several locations in Amarillo. I count six of them. OK, so plenty of places to drive thru or dine in. They are located all over town too.

So that is a win. No matter where you live you probably have a Braum's nearby.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Current Braum's Locations

  • 801 E Amarillo Blvd
  • 1900 S Grand
  • 7401 SW 34th
  • 8801 Town Square
  • 1700 S Western
  • 4629 S Western

Why does Western Street get to have two of them? That is my question. Why? There is one near I40 and Western and one near 45th and Western. I know that Western is a pretty big area but what about Georgia Street? What about Washington? Why couldn't we have one on either of those streets? Why not Bell Street?

Does Braum's just have a little more love for Western? When they were deciding on locations did Georgia Street just have way too many car lots? I mean if you remember long before Chick-fil-A it was a Saturn Dealership. Heck, most of Georgia Street was loaded down with car lots.

So maybe that's why Georgia Street was shunned. Washington Street hasn't had many food options over the years but that was probably because Amarillo College took over a lot of that street.

I am not sure about Bell Street. Maybe because there was one on 34th and Coulter. I am not sure but I feel they can spread the Braum's love a bit. No street in Amarillo should be able to have two. Share the love with the rest of us.

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