It's a big season for Amarillo's resident hockey team. The Bulls are celebrating their 10th season in Yellow City.

Just as we wrap up the inaugural season for the Sod Poodles, The Bulls kicked things off in Topeka, KS. The match-up started well for the Bulls; they just weren't able to hold on to their lead.

The final in favor of Topeka was 3-2. There were a lot of chances and missed opportunities for the Bulls to pull off the win.

There's no reason to be dismayed. This was just the season opener for the 2018-2019 division champs. There's still a lot of hockey to be played.

The Bulls will be back in Amarillo on Sept. 21. If you've never been to a hockey game in Amarillo, this is something I highly recommend. It really is a lot of fun, win or lose.

For more information and to keep up with the Bulls, be sure to check out their website here.

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