While I was sitting in a weekly meeting at work the other day we were discussing the oldest businesses in Amarillo. We talked about William Boyce Insurance being the oldest. 

Oh, yeah that is the business in Downtown Amarillo that actor Jason Lee stopped by to take a photo with a car outside the insurance agency. I remember that happening years ago.

While discussing businesses it was brought up that maybe Ace Lock & Key was the second oldest business. Now I say maybe and I will tell you why. When I said I would look into it because Ace was my go-to my boss laughed and asked how do I have a key place like this?

I told him the story of my having my daughters spare key to her car in my hand. I couldn't find her actual keys. I had forgotten the day before I took them out of the ignition and placed on top of her car. That car was in my garage. I took off the next day and heard the keys slide off as I entered I40. Now at that moment it did not connect that was the sound I was hearing.

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When I realized I also knew what this mistake was going to cost me. I had to get a new key to her car. Which was pretty fancy and expensive. I had to get a new fob to her apartment, which I bought on Amazon, it didn't get programmed I was just avoiding the lost fob fee when she moved out the next month. Oh and don't forget this was the key set that had her Air Pods. Because of course.

I went to Ace Lock & Key. They really have been my go-to for any key needs. I needed new keys at my new house. Yep, first stop. Faith comes home for the weekend let's go ahead and make sure she has plenty of spare keys. They come in handy. So I knew the place well.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

How old are they, though, is the question. According to their Facebook page they were established in 1975. So they can't be the second oldest business. That can't be it. So I started to  research.

Ace Lock & Key Website
Ace Lock & Key Website

There have been several businesses in the Ace Lock & Key location. Ace has just officially been in that building the longest. That is good to hear. Before them there was  a barber and a sewing place.

It was Dunn's Barbershop before 1975. I'm sure it has a lot of stories to tell from their time there. Before that it was Gwyn's Shades and Drapery. This business has seen a lot of history.

Way before the almost fifty years it has seen this go-around with Ace Lock & Key. I just know that I will continue to go there as long as they are there. Long live Ace Lock & Key.

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