There isn't a day that goes by in Amarillo where I don't hear about someone's vehicles, or garages, or even businesses being broken into. Since I moved here back in early 2017, I have had 7 incidents myself. So while it was not surprising to hear of another business being broken into the other day, I was heartbroken to hear it was someone who I have gotten to know pretty well over the last few months.

My friends at Texas Tires Amarillo on the boulevard posted on Facebook Saturday evening that they were the victim of a recent break-in. I have gotten to know the owner Eric since he did the tires and wheels on my truck and is an advertiser here at the radio station. They are good people that work hard to make a living and stuff like this hits a local business hard. He shared 2 pictures online showing 2 guys wearing hoodies and covering their faces. The criminals seemed to know exactly where the cameras were located, which means this is someone that has some possible knowledge of the shop. They made off with a brand new set of wheels and tires.

Texas Tires Amarillo is offering a reward for anyone who can provide information resulting in these guys getting arrested. The reward is being offered as $3,500 cash or it can be paid in products and services that Texas Tires offers. It's time we take a stand against crime in our communities and cities, let's see if we can help out and turn these guys in.

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