I was driving around Amarillo, like I do a lot when I noticed this. Normally when I drive down Olsen/Paramount everything is status quo. At least it has been for a while. I noticed some activity recently that was unexpected.

Joe Daddy's had vehicles in the parking lot. There had been some logo work on the building. I had to stop and give it a look. There were trucks, like Mrs. Baird's in the parking lot. Was a new restaurant moving in?

What is Happening at the Former Joe Daddy's Location?

Yes last it was the location for Joe Daddy's. Even before that I remember it being the purple building that I used to work in when it was Ruby Tequila's. It has been empty for some time now.

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Apparently, that is all going to change this weekend. I got on Facebook to do some detective work. It didn't take me very long to find out that this weekend is the opening weekend for Club Nova in this location.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

They used to have a location in downtown Amarillo but that was all about to change.

That is when they started working on this location on Paramount. That building has held so many memories for many as a restaurant and now others are going to create memories of a different kind. With all the activity I saw when I drove by it looked like they were going to be open soon. Which was true.

When Will Club Nova Open Up?

How is this for soon? If you are looking for something to do this weekend and maybe want to involve some dancing, here is your opportunity.

They are going to be opening this weekend. A former restaurant that is now a nightclub. You can still get food, though, it will be outside via food trucks. You have been warned. Weekends in Amarillo are about to change.

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