If there's one thing we've done right in Amarillo, Texas it's cultivate a thriving food truck scene.

With several food truck parks found all over town, there's no shortage of menus to choose from. Not to mention, every event in town is nearly guaranteed to have several food trucks found outside.

This is Amarillo and we like to eat. Food trucks have helped to feed Amarillo and we have some great ones. If you haven't gotten a taste of the food truck scene, stop by the Amarillo Food Truck Facebook page to get a feel for it. It's also fun to see when they make the announcement that they have run out of food.

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That makes for a successful night when you see the fact that they fed so many of us that they are out. That is what I would see night and night again when it came to Prissy's.

Prissy's Barbecue is awesome

Everyone who is anyone gave me the same advice. If I was going to try them out make sure I got there early and I had to try the banana pudding.

Some sound advice.

Prissy's Barbecue Food Truck Anthony Sanders
Prissy's Barbecue Food Truck Anthony Sanders

Prissy's Barbecue recently announced that they were going to get a restaurant location. So I reached out to the owner, Anthony Sanders, so he could give me the info when he was ready.

I didn't have to wait long

He was ready. The restaurant will not be in Amarillo but just a short drive from here.

They are opening up 45-minutes away in Tulia, Texas. 

Prissy's Barbecue will still have its food truck and will still do events. They are available for caters.

You will need to keep an eye on their Facebook page to see where they will be for different events. Good luck to Prissy's in Tulia. We will miss seeing you so much in Amarillo.

We will make sure to keep up with when you will be around Amarillo as well.

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