When Governor Abbott announced that the state-wide mask mandate would be going away and that businesses could open up to 100 percent capacity, he made sure to point out that businesses would be able to make their own decisions. That means some places are going to still require masks and limit capacity.

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We've already covered The 806 and Palace choosing to maintain current guidelines.

Here is a quick list of what we've found while searching to see what businesses will be requiring or requesting that guests wear masks.

  • Jorge's Mexican Restaurant - Not requiring masks, but keeping dividers. Curbside and To-Go still an option.
  • The 806 - Requiring masks and limiting seating.
  • Palace Coffee - Still asking guests to wear masks. Also limiting capacity.
  • BSA and Northwest - Stated in weekly update that they will still be enforcing current guidelines.
  • Best Buy - Requiring Masks
  • Target - Requiring Masks
  • Starbucks - Requiring Masks
  • Kohl's - Requiring Masks
  • Ulta - Requiring Masks
  • CVS - Requiring Masks
  • Walgreens  - Requiring Masks
  • Walmart - Requests that guests wear masks

This list will undoubtedly change over the next week or so. More businesses will be making their final decision on whether or not to do away with current guidelines, or keep them. I imagine that we will be adding more names to the list.

Just keep in mind, as much as you want someone to respect your "personal freedoms" to choose whether or not to wear a mask, these business owners have the personal freedom to ask you to wear one. They also have the personal freedom to not ask you to wear a mask.

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