You would think that every single new thing has been tried. Especially when it comes to food challenges. We have really young people who try to eat something crazy. You have older people as well. Even famous people try their hand at taking a part in a food challenge.

Some win and some walk away with a great story. That is what happened at The Big Texan recently. It seems crazy to eat 72 oz of steak. Oh, and then you have to eat all of the sides. I am sure you have seen someone attempt it.

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I actually watched Molly Schuyler eat three of them. Three. I thought how can someone that tiny do that? So I figured it has all been done before. Every scenario. Every challenge. I found out that is not true.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

As I was scrolling through social media I saw a post about a dad and his two kids trying the challenge from the Big Texan. My first thought was "are these kids superhuman with a huge appetite?" I mean I was so it is plausible.

I mean they would have to be. Why else would a father spend so much money on three of those 72 oz steak meals? It just didn't make sense to me. Oh, but then I found my answer. It was pretty sweet.

See the whole time the intention was not for the family to finish all of the food. Nope. I remember growing up and being told to clean my plate. I don't think I could clean that plate. Neither could this family.

According to mom, she knew nobody in that group would finish it all. That was ok.

This is my husband and kids. We’ve been watching this challenge for years. Never planned on any of them finishing … it’s all for the memories, and yes, LOTS of leftovers. Unforgettable experience. - Delane

This will be something the family will remember forever. This will be something the kids will talk about. When they go back to school they will remember to tell their friends. The dad will have this great memory too. Mom will remember that year her husband and kiddos tried to beat the challenge.

She will also remember that she will not have to cook for a bit. I am sure there were tons of leftovers, that is true. It was all worth it.

According to The Big Texan if you don't eat the whole meal each meal cost $72. Clever. The 72 oz challenge costs $72. Perfect. So for about $200 this family could have spent it anywhere else. They may not have had the same kind of outcome. Lots of pictures, happiness, and memories.

That to me is winning in 2023.

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