Who doesn't want to have friends? If you have seen this video going around Tik Tok and now making its way around Facebook you want to give this boy a big fat hug. His name is Shayden Walker and is a kid in Amarillo just looking for some friends.

He knocked on his neighbor's door looking for someone to play with. They only had a two-year but Shayden said that would be great. He loves two-year-olds. What a big heart this kid has.

The neighbor then suggested a few neighborhood kids who could come out and play. That is when Shayden shares that those kids are bullies. That is where that great big hug comes in.

This kid just wants to go outside and make those summer memories. Those summer memories shouldn't have to consist of having bullies. That is not the Amarillo way. Bullying is not cool at all.

Teach your kids to be kind. That is the message here. That and that having a Ring Camera can make anyone an internet sensation. This Shayden Walker is the most sincere caring kid I have ever seen.

There has since been a Go Fund Me set up to help Shayden. The creator wants the money to go buy him a gaming system, and some new clothes, and help his family go on a vacation. I hope this also teaches the bullies to be kind and that the community of Amarillo is helping this kid because he is so kind.

That is what we do. As of earlier the Go Fund Me has made nearly $40,000. Wow, our community has really stepped up. This has really made me proud. You can donate HERE.

Bullying doesn't pay. Being kind does. I hope this shows Shayden that he has a lot of friends that care about him here in the Texas Panhandle.

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