Have you taken a drive around Amarillo? This is the best time of year to do just that. I mean come on it's Christmas time. Amarillo loves to show off its Christmas spirit.

We do have a whole list of the must-see Christmas homes in Amarillo. We do want to make it a tad bit easier on you. We just decided to throw caution to the wind and take a drive.

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We stopped by Candy Cane Lane, of course. It's been years since I drove around the neighborhood by I40 and Coulter. They have a Santa and the Grinch that you can wait in line and take photos with. How cool is that? We didn't because we weren't prepared and didn't bring jackets. We will have to go back. These are the pictures we need.

So while we were driving around I noticed all the homes that have all these great inflatables. I mean they really are cool. So I had to start snapping photos.

The number of homes that had Yoda surprised me. I didn't know he was all Christmas-y until this year. I expected to see Santa and Snowmen of course. I expected to see The Grinch and Frosty. I did not expect to see Big Mouth Bass, but I did.

Amarillo you have some great inflatables in your yard. Check them out and send me any that I didn't capture.

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