I love seeing growth in Amarillo.  Many people think that the only growth happening in Amarillo is in the Southwest, but that's not the case. Amarillo is growing everywhere!

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Amarillo is seeing lots of new growth to the east.

In fact, the I-40 and Grand area have a new Ross Dress For Less Open.   Dutch Brothers opened on August 5th, at 1600 S. Ross.  Not only that, the area around 34th and Osage has seen immense growth and it continues to grow.

One of Amarillo's favorite restaurants will be opening up at 2200 SE 34th.  A new La Bella Pizza is set to open soon.  It is opening next to a new Great Clips.

I spoke with the owner, Brandon Long and he said that they are hoping to be open by the end of August.   However, as you know with supply chain issues these days, the date could get pushed back.

So why the 34th and Osage location?  "It felt like a nice spot"

This will be the third location for La Bella Pizza.  They currently have a location on the corner of Hillside and Coulter, a location in Canyon, and their new location at 34th and Osage.

There is another location of La Bella Pizza, but this location has different owners and isn't affiliated with these La Bella Pizzas.

I also asked Brandon if we could expect some new menu items for the restaurants and he said that he has some things in the works.   Plus, coming up in September he said he's working on a pizza deal that he hopes his customers will enjoy.

Get ready to get your pizza on Ross/Osage!

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