Amarillo is the land of the wind. I mean there is a reason that we are truly the windiest city in the United States. Heck, I am from Chicago originally and I can attest that we have them beat to heck. I also know that is not the reason Chicago is called the Windy City. Oh, politicians ruin everything.

I am used to having weather closings and delays because of the weather. Usually, when that happens it is because of snow. I have even seen it because of ice. Heck, in that wonderful year of 2020, we saw closings because of the pandemic. It was a different time for sure.

I think yesterday was the first time I saw businesses close due to wind. I am not dogging them at all. The wind has been crazy. When you see sixty-mile-per-hour winds that can do some damage.

I first saw that the City of Amarillo was closing our landfill early. I totally get it. This is not the time to be hauling plywood and other home remodeling scraps to the landfill. This is not the time to be dealing with trash and these winds.

We have seen enough emergency vehicles going all over the city in the past couple of days. That is for sure. Trash has been blowing all over the city already. It has been crazy. Seeing business not as usual has been unusual due to the wind.

I also saw that Soda Jerks was closed yesterday too. Who would think that our city gets winds that bad that it warrants closings like that? Of course if you have lived here any amount of time you can see how that happens.

Amarillo we really do have a lot of unique things about our city. I mean we can add businesses closing due to the wind to the list.

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