During the great dumpster issue of 2022, I didn't know that I could possibly be breaking the law. Heck, all I wanted was to get rid of my trash. I would sometimes have to make do with what I had.

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So when we were down to just one dumpster empty per week my dumpster would fill up pretty quickly. I mean mine was a corner dumpster so I think more people were using it than should be. That meant I had nowhere to put my trash very early in the week.

What Was I Supposed to Do with Trash Piling Up?

I would from time to time take the non-lazy approach. I would grab my bag of trash and walk it down to the next available dumpster. I know technically it wasn't my dumpster but could I get myself in some legal trouble borrowing their less-used dumpster?

I thought there was no way that could be illegal. I mean they are paying for dumpster service just like I was. I didn't have the available space because people were overusing my dumpster.

It seemed like hardly anyone was using the one down the way. I figured I wasn't doing anything wrong.

It Turns Out I Was Wrong

What I was doing, was in fact, illegal. I had really no idea. I decided to look it up.

Using someone else's dumpster without permission carries the same penalties as illegally dumping the same amount of solid waste. It can also be prosecuted as theft of services under Texas Penal Code 31.04.

Now I don't think given the situation that anyone was going to come after me. It's not like I used their dumpster all the time. I did it only when I didn't have another option. I know now that doesn't make it right.

I am just thrilled beyond belief that the City of Amarillo is back to emptying our dumpsters twice a week again. That one change has kept me on the right side of the law. We can all sleep better knowing this.

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