When life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Right? One family did just that last week at the Lemonade Day Expo, which took place at the West Texas Enterprise Center.

The Lemonade Day Expo is for children interested in learning how to become an entrepreneur and what it takes to be one. They also got to meet with different businesses that could help them be successful.

It is important for kids to learn how to start a business and know what it takes for it to succeed. It's a valuable skill to learn early on in life. There were a lot of great families out there. There was one family that stood out.

Towards the end of the Expo, the kids had their chance to win prizes. I got to call out the names and/or numbers and hand them out. Xcel Energy had built four lemonade stands to give away to four families. The lucky winners would then get to use those stands all over town on Lemonade Day on May 7th.

United Supermarkets and Raising Canes also gave away great locations for stands to be set up. The families that won one of these places knew that they had some great foot traffic to sell their lemonade.

United Supermarkets also gave out gift cards to help with the cost of supplies. Each family signed up at each booth to win some of these great prizes.

Earlier that day Crystal Rodriguez reached out for help. She wanted to make sure her kiddos had this great opportunity. She wanted to make sure they got the Lemonade Day experience and learned to run their own business:

credit: Crystal Rodriguez
credit: Crystal Rodriguez

Crystal ended up taking her kids to the Lemonade Day Expo. Oh, and I know she is so thrilled that she did. See, Crystal and her three kids are homeless. They have been since Covid hit.

If anyone deserves a break it is Crystal and her daughters:

I stay at Martha’s home. We been homeless since Covid hit we been rejected housing left and right. I was pregnant living in my truck the city denied me everyone denied me until I had my baby I went to downtown women domestic violence shelter, and then Martha’s home opened their doors to me and been there since. They helped me gain stability back and I am back in college looking at entering the LVN program no later than next fall. My children have been through a lot and teaching them to be young entrepreneur is going to teach them that paying the bills keeping a job is important. The day I asked them what they plan on doing with their money, they immediately said give back to our home church, Power.

So when it came time to call out the winners of the lemonade stands it was great to see Crystal's family won one of them.

credit: Jessi Bangs Big Bang Photography
credit: Jessi Bangs Big Bang Photography

That is not where the night ended for them. We received this sweet message from Crystal after the event:

Thank God we were blessed to win a stand, a location to sell at and $50 to buy supplies! Big thanks to all those who gave us this opportunity!! The girls and I are excited to learn threw this lemonade day young entrepreneur journey!! Thank you again so very much!!

So when you are out and about on Lemonade Day, May 7th, make sure you stop by the United on Soncy and get some lemonade. Remember you are helping a family not only help themselves but also help them give back.

They really are making lemonade out of those lemons they were given. Oh and they are not giving up. A totally great make you smile story today.

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