For Amarillo native and stand-up comic, Kristin Key, the good times are just getting started. She's played Vegas, done cruises, and is getting national attention on TV.

Impressing The Judges On Bring The Funny

Kristin made it through to the next round of "Bring The Funny," which is NBC's latest competition show, focusing on comedy. I asked her which judge she was most nervous to perform in front of, and the immediate answer was Jeff Foxworthy.

She absolutely "destroyed" her performance, in the words of judge Kennan Thompson (All That/Mighty Ducks). Kristin performed her song "Drunk People Lose Shoes," which was inspired by the fairy tale, "Cinderella."

From The Texas Panhandle To L.A.

I had to know how an Amarillo native could find their way out to L.A. and make a career out doing stand-up. Kristin told me with a laugh, "It was one step at a time."

She worked at the Amarillo Comedy Club, and when it closed its doors she moved to Austin. In Austin, she tried out for, and landed a spot, on "Last Comic Standing."

It was after that, she decided to take the plunge and move to L.A.

Laughing, she said that she moved with expectations of becoming a star and making millions. After a pause, she said she's learned to be happy.

Advice For Amateurs And Up-And-Comers Alike

When it comes to advice for anyone considering possibly taking the plunge and jumping on a mic to get some laughs, Kristin's main emphasis was on preparation.

She said that you should think of it as standing in front of a crowd of people who have nothing in common, and they're sitting next to each other in a dark room. It's your job to make them relax.

Like being a good host at a party where no one knows each other.

You can watch Kristin on NBC's "Bring The Funny" on Tuesday nights, and you can get the full interview below. Be sure to stop by her website for info on tour dates, comedy albums, and videos.

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