It's a constant struggle being a parent. There is so much to do for your kids and with your kids that you sometimes forget about yourself. You need a break. You and your partner need to take a night away.

Date nights are important to your relationship. So why do we feel guilty when we do something for ourselves? I don't know why but many parents do feel that guilt. There is no need for that. You are doing something important for your family. So take that night away.

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I know that means you have to find a sitter. You need to find something for the kids to do. Let's make that a little easier for you. A simple way to not feel guilty because the kids will have just as much fun. Heck, they will want you to go out more after a night like this.

The Discovery Center's Parents Night Out is Back

So if you could find a fun place for the kids to hang out and you can have a pre-Valentines Day date night that is what I call a win-win. The Discover Center is making that possible.

The kids will have a fun night of playing and learning. Heck, they will even feed them dinner. So you can make that date night a reality. The kids will have fun. The best part is it is affordable.

If you are a member the date night will only cost you $25. Not a member? That is ok you can still take part and the cost will only be $30. That could be cheaper than hiring a sitter.

Plus you know the kids will have plenty to do. They will come home from the night of playing ready to go to bed. Another win in my books. So check it out HERE and get them signed up. Space is limited so don't wait on this.

Then all that is left is to plan your super fun night out without a feeling of guilt.

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