The Sod Poodles announced the official name of the downtown ballpark. If you didn't like the name "Sod Poodles" to begin with, get a load of this.

They are naming the ballpark...Hodgetown.

At first glance, I was less than excited. After a little bit, I became indifferent. At least it isn't some corny corporate sponsor.

I'm sure the anti-ballpark, anti-Sod Poodle crowd will be anti this too. It's just the nature of some people. Considering that Sod Poodle merchandise has been sold in pretty much all of the 50 states, we could be doing worse.

The press release explains the reasoning behind the name:

The brand “Hodgetown” encapsulates the idea of a common place for the community to gather from all areas throughout the Texas Panhandle. The new ballpark name recognizes and gives thanks to Jerry Hodge who led the charge in helping bring professional, affiliated baseball back to the community. The ending of the name ties in the Prairie Dog roots with “town”, defined as a colony of burrows connecting to form one large community.

Hodge, who was recently named as the 2018 Amarillo Globe-News Man of the Year, is a family-man, pharmacist, businessman, civic leader, philanthropist, and resident of Amarillo for over 60 years.

The home opener for the inaugural season will be April 8th with the first pitch scheduled for 7:05 PM. You can find out more at

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