I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Christmas will be here before you know it. You have to get that shopping done. Get everything wrapped and just wait. Nothing is worst than getting all excited for Christmas morning and watching the kids open their toys in excitement and then they break.

You know what I am talking about. They get maybe one or two good days out of it and snap. They really don't make toys like they used to. It's a shame. Everything is mass-produced. Nothing seems to be of the same quality as we remember growing up.

That is Not the Case in Happy, Texas

I ran across this toy maker out of Happy, Texas. You know the town without a frown? Maybe the reason they don't frown is that their kids have good-quality toys. They pride themselves on making toys that last.

Have You Heard of The Happy Toymaker?

The Happy Toy Maker is his name. How cool is that? Jerry Sims is his actual name but I really like The Happy Toy Maker. It works. Of course, he is happy. He has the dream job. Making toys that keep kids happy. There is so much joy in that.

It's such a great story. Jerry made these toys for his own kiddos and the rest is history. It's a small business with Jerry, his wife, and even his mother helping. You can't help but feel good about keeping a business like this going.

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Just checking out the website you can tell that these toys are made to last. They still have toys that his sons played with twenty years ago. There is none of this breaking the very next day.

I can't help but admire that all of this is done in Happy, Texas and I have gone this long without knowing about all the great toys they make so close to home. When they say toys that last generations that really speaks volumes.

No more Christmases where your kiddo unwraps something plays for it a bit and it ends up in the trash. That is a Christmas we can all get behind.

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