I gotta tell ya, the Amarillo, TX. area sees some pretty big drug busts. I mean, I haven't seen busts this big in some of the bigger cities I've lived in. I don't know what it is about this place.

The wilder thing is, there's one place that seems to be a GREAT spot to track down those drug smugglers here too, because it's had multiple busts happen at it in 2023 alone.

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The Amarillo Greyhound bus station was host to another major takedown on Monday. As the bus pulled into the station, an Amarillo Police officer had the K-9 unit executing what's called a free air sniff on the baggage on the bus.

The dog doing the sniffing got a bit excitable and police grabbed the bag that triggered the excitement. Inside, they found exactly what they were looking for. Meth, and a lot of it.

Police removed the drugs, then placed the empty bag back on the bus. Now they have to determine who's bag it is. Passengers were told to grab all their belongings from the bus including their bags. They were told there was a mechanical issue with the bus.

As passengers were grabbing their belongings, police kept a watchful eye on the now drugless bag. Jesus Mora-Reyes was the one who grabbed that particular piece of luggage and police arrested him on the spot.

There was a stunning 5.7 kilos of meth inside the bag initially. When Mora-Reyes was interviewed by police, he told them he had been paid to transport the drugs from California to Oklahoma City. Ah, so close.

The wild thing? Mora-Reyes told police this wasn't his first time doing it, saying he had done this at least once before this trip. Mora-Reyes has been charged with possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine.

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