You see them all over the city directing you somewhere. They intrigue you and you wonder to yourself, is there something of use to me there? I mean, they've probably got a ton of stuff and I can get it pretty cheap.

You decide why not, I'll bite. You follow the signs to your destination and see several people milling around. A plethora of merchandise to choose from that you don't even know where to begin.

I'm talking about garage sales, and I'm pretty convinced that Amarillo might be the unofficial capital of them.

Yes, I'm fully aware every city has garage sales every weekend, but the sheer number of them in Amarillo EACH weekend is amazing, especially for the size of city we live in. Do people really have THAT much stuff every single weekend to get rid of?

Or is it a classic case of they attended a few garage sales themselves, then realized they had too much stuff because of it and held one of their own? Who knows, but any weekend here is a good weekend to go to some garage sales.

Even crazier, these sales aren't just limited to the weekend. If you go on Facebook or even just drive around a bit, you'll see garage sales happening in the middle of the day on a weekday. I mean, who goes out to a garage sale at 11:30 am on a Tuesday?

Apparently more than we'd think, because they happen relatively often. I feel like you could find some really good items or deals on a weekday garage sale.

Now I think I've talked myself into trying to plan a garage sale route for this coming weekend and see what I can find. I'll have to follow up with any garage sale finds.

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