Lately, we've heard about and seen quite a few scams popping up in Amarillo, TX. A lot of them have been wrapped around phone calls saying you owe money to XYZ and threaten legal action or criminal proceedings if you don't pay.

Others are carefully crafty phony emails that make you click on a link and get you to enter in sensitive information, including bank account or payment info.

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However, there was one that just happened here in Amarillo that blew my mind, and what shocked me even more is that someone unfortunately fell for the scam. It seemed extremely outlandish to me when reading about it and would've had me simply saying, come and get me then.

Yesterday, June 21, a female victim had been contacted by a couple of men who said they were Potter County Sheriff's Deputies. The phone number had been spoofed to appear as if that is exactly where they were calling from as well. I mean, if you see the police calling, you probably want to answer the call.

That's exactly what the woman did, and that's when she was informed she had a federal warrant and was headed to jail if she didn't show up at a location given to her with $15,000 cash.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure police don't call you when you have a warrant out for your arrest, they just show up and surprise you so you cant run from it. That would've been red light number one for me.

The address given to her was right around a local bond company, and these "deputies" explained it was a bond agent she would be meeting with. They did a very good job of making it sound believable.

Sadly, the woman bought into the scam and showed up at the location given with the $15,000 cash they were requesting to keep her out of jail. She handed the money over and the "bond agent" handed her a cash receipt for the money she gave her.

The woman ended up reaching out to police after the transaction and found out that the men were indeed not PCS deputies and the lady she met with was not a bond agent.

Please be on the lookout for scams as they are starting to grow in Amarillo, and the stories and amount of money being asked for are becoming bigger and bigger. If you feel something just isn't right, don't do it. Look into it a bit first, do some research, and determine whether or not it's real. This is easily one that could've been avoided.

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