Amarillo sees changes quite a lot. Some are good and some leave you wondering what were they thinking. Most changes are supposed to be improvements. Some seem like a big waste of money.

So the news came out last week that Polk Street would be going under the knife. OK, maybe not that drastic but there will be some changes.

  • Meeting Downtown Amarillo Urban Design Standards
  • Meeting ADA accessibility standards
  • Lighting to increase safety
  • Trees for pedestrian shade and beauty
  • Trash receptacles
  • City beautification
  • Pedestrian improvements

So Polk Street is going to get some more lights for safety. They are going to get some more trees so that there is some shade and it looks prettier. I mean trees do improve the look over the years.

There are going to be more trash cans added. Which is good. I just hope people will care enough to use them. The amount of pure laziness really just gets me. What else needs to be done?

They are going to improve Polk Street. The goals are to make it safer for people to be in Downtown Amarillo. We have the Sod Poodles which is already a big draw. Of course, Polk Street has many businesses and many reasons as well to be in the area. The safer and prettier we can make the area, the better.

Making the streets safe is a big deal. I mean when you see the number of homeless people it can be an issue. So extra lighting is a big safety addition. What else can we do to improve Downtown Amarillo?

Which is the first thing you would change about Polk Street?


Are you good with what the city has come up with? Do you have some idea that would improve the area even better? Sometimes just the suggestion is how things get changed. Let your voice be heard.

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