Tomorrow night starting at 8PM, Mayor Ginger Nelson will be reading a bedtime story for your kids. Take a breather moms and dads. You've definitely earned one.

There is a Facebook event page for the reading that you can check out for more info. Basically, the event is going to last from 8 PM until 8:30 PM Thursday night (4/9/2020).

Mayor Nelson will be reading one of her favorite children's books for the kids to enjoy. No word yet on what that book will be. I suppose knowing would ruin the surprise(?).

Mayor Nelson isn't the only one getting in on the book reading trend. Hats off to Cpl. Hilton of APD for taking a moment to read one of his favorites. The video is featured on the Amarillo Police Department Facebook page..

It's nice to see wholesome stuff like this right now considering how stressful most of the news is. It seems like all there is to talk about is how many people are infected, who's dying, and how we're all unsure of what life will look like on the other side of this; whenever that is.

I know that without even having to go in depth with everything going on, my kids know that things aren't right. They miss their friends. They miss being at school.

Best case scenario, things like this gives the kids something to think about for a minute other than why things are so different and why they can't go back to normal.

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