I've read the studies that say falling asleep with the TV on isn't the healthiest habit in the world, but I can't help myself. Last night I was trying to fall asleep to 'Caribbean Life.'

It's a show about people who have decided to move to the Caribbean, and it follows them while they search for houses.

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I was shocked when I reached the episode titled "Curing the Blues in Curacao." The couple featured in the episode were from Amarillo.

I sat up in bed and watched as they went from island home to island home looking for their slice of paradise in Curacao. So much for getting any sleep.

One of my biggest gripes about the show is that the couples usually come across as extremely cheesy, or unnecessarily picky. You're moving to the Caribbean. How can the color of the counter tops be a deal breaker? Being that close to the ocean, I know I wouldn't be spending enough time indoors to be bummed out by my counter tops.

The couple from Amarillo, Todd and Crystal, were actually entertaining to watch, though. They seemed down to Earth, and it didn't feel like they were putting on a performance pretending to be overly excited or bummed out by everything.

Out of the properties they were shown, they chose the "Red Roof House." The home had an incredible patio area with stunning views overlooking a golf course, which outweighed the few projects the couple would have to take on to make it their dream home.

One thing that made me roll my eyes was how many times Todd mentioned how cold everyone in Amarillo had to be while he was home shopping in Curacao.

Ouch, Todd. Ouch.

The full episode is available to watch on Hulu.

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