It seems like another day and another business closing. It seems the year 2022 has been pretty tough. There have been employee shortages and supply chain issues. So much stuff happening to just make it tough.

We have had several restaurants close. Now we are losing other businesses as well. That is never good news for our city. Just driving around town and seeing the closed signs makes me sad. The good news is hopefully we will have new businesses move in to save the day and make us happy once again.

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Over the weekend the news came out about the latest casualty. Board & Brush on Civic Circle in the Wolflin Area.

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If you didn't have a chance to visit this place you really missed out. It was a fun place where you could go with the girls and create some greatness for your house. They even had some premade signs that you could just buy if you were creatively challenged like I am.

I always wanted to go and try my hand. Hey, I might have surprised myself. Sadly, I never got the chance. I ran across this post over the weekend:

I will give them kudos for trying to make good on any gift certificate or store credit. They don't have to do that. We had another store in Westgate Mall close one year and my daughter was stuck with a one-hundred-dollar gift card that she just got for Christmas that year and never got to use. So I am impressed that Board & Brush is trying to do the right thing.

I hate seeing a local business have to close its doors. We wish them nothing but success in the future.

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