Cell phones have made a lot of things obsolete. I remember when I was a student at Canyon Junior High/. We would ask our math teacher why we needed to learn how to do a particular math function. I mean we have calculators.  I remember being told we would not have a calculator with us all of the time.

Well played technology.  As we look at our iPhones, yes we have a calculator. We also have a camera. Oh, and a video recorder. Basically, this phone does so much stuff. They save us from having separate items to help accomplish basic things. Oh, technology is great.

Those were the good ol' days, I get it. We had to count on our old-fashioned phones to just make phone calls. We had to make phone calls to find out information. We had to talk to people. We had to call to find out the simplest of things that we can just look at on our phones to get the answers to now.

When was the last time you had to call information to get a phone number? When was the last time you used a phone book? Those were things we used a lot when we were younger.

Speaking of younger, I bet youngsters would be amazed that we had a phone number that we could call to find out what time it was. Seriously. You mention that now and you would probably just get a blank stare. Why would a phone number be needed for that?

Oh, but it was. We didn't have the world of Apple there at our fingertips with that info readily available. It was a number that a lot of people counted on to get numerous times. We also had a phone number we called to get the time and temperature. Oh, much simpler times.

Did you know that the phone number we used in Amarillo is actually still in service? It is. You can call 806-372-2611. Give it a try. You will have to listen to an Amarillo National Bank quick ad. Then they will give you the day, the date, the time, the current temperature and the forecast.

Try Calling 806-372-2611

So much information using one phone number. A phone number that was used quite a lot back in the day. I sure wonder how many people use it now.

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