Graduation is an important time in a high school student's life. It becomes a bigger deal when they make the decision to go to college. All the work that goes into picking a school and the next steps to make that next step.

For twenty-seven students at Ascension Academy, this next step came with answers that they wanted to hear. Every graduating student this year is going on to college. Oh, and every single one is going to attend the college of their choice. This is great news.

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Today one hundred percent of the graduating class will be part of the Senior Academic Signing Day. Each one of them will sign their letter of intent to go on with their higher education.

According to a recent press release from Ascension Academy all 27 seniors were accepted to a total of 34 colleges with $2,685,200 in university-offered, merit-based scholarships.

They will be attending the school of their choice with money to help them on their way.

Congratulations to Ascension Academy's Class of 2023

  • Aaron Arenivas - Baylor University
  • Alexander Bailey - Texas Tech University- National Honor Society
  • Jackson Bailey - Texas Tech University- National Honor Society
  • Belle Buse- Texas Tech University
  • Amryn Cowen- Colorado State University- National Honor Society
  • John Cox - University of North Texas
  • Mia Crawford, Mia - Baylor University- National Honor Society, DAR Award
  • Andrew Dominguez- University of North Texas
  • Max Engelbrecht- Southern Methodist University (SMU)- National Honor Society, United Way Youth Cabinet
  • John Luke Green- Amarillo College
  • Benjamin Jones - Texas A&M University- NROTC Scholarship - Marines, AP Scholar, National Honor Society
  • Kyle Larson - West Texas A&M University- National Honor Society
  • Phoebe Laur- Texas Tech University
  • Nathan Leech- Oklahoma State University- National Honor Society
  • Joshua Marshall- Texas Tech University, Eagle Scout
  • Braiden McCain- West Texas A&M University- National Honor Society, Eagle Scout
  • Hannah Nguyen- Texas Tech University- National Honor Society
  • Keltan Norris - Oklahoma State University
  • Gwyneth Shaddon- Lubbock Christian University- Honors program, AP Scholar, National Honor Society, AC Diplomas & Degrees Graduate
  • Jennie Smith- University of North Texas
  • Benjamin Snyder- Kansas State University- National Honor Society
  • Abigayle Stubby-Kern- McMurry University- National Honor Society
  • Colson Swadling- Baylor University- AC Diplomas & Degrees Graduate
  • Alina Thomas- Texas Tech University
  • Harlee Virden- Louisiana State University (LSU)
  • Kate Williamson - University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Gunnar Willis - Texas Tech University- National Honor Society

The Senior Academic Signing Day will take place today at 2:45 pm in the Ascension Academy Gymnasium - t 9301 Ascension Pkwy. Each student will have a table decorated for the school they will be attending in the fall.

This class will definitely be one we can expect to see great things out of in the future. This is just the first step on their way.

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