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If you've been paying attention to recent weather forecasts for the area, you know there is a chance we could see some winter weather. The forecasts are focusing primarily on Saturday night and Sunday.

If you're planning on doing any kind of traveling this weekend, make sure you're ready for the possibility of winter weather. Make sure you have an ice scraper in the car. If possible, put some kind of de-icer in the vehicle as well.

The last time we had winter weather in the area, I couldn't find anything to spray on my windows to melt the ice. Don't be like me. Plan ahead.

While you're out on the road traveling, be sure to practice caution. Leave early enough to give yourself extra time in case there are areas where road conditions are bad.

Also, be sure you have a "kit" put together in case you get stranded. I keep a few blankets, bottled water, and light snacks in the car during the winter just in case.

One thing you don't want to do is leave your vehicle running in the morning. If you leave your vehicle unattended and running in the morning, it's an open invitation to would-be thieves who would love nothing more than to steal your vehicle.

The good news is that the impact to the Amarillo area is expected to be "minor" to "moderate" according to the National Weather Service in Amarillo. The National Weather Service did point out it is possible that visibility will be low at times, and we could have blowing snow and bad road conditions.

Be safe this weekend.

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