Wallethub recently released a list of best places to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. They unfortunately missed the mark by forgetting to mention one of the best St. Patty's celebrations around.

Shamrock, Texas goes all out for St. Patrick's Day every year. It isn't just one day. They celebrate all weekend, Friday through Sunday.

I grew up within driving distance of Shamrock, and their St. Patrick's Day festivities were something my friends and I always looked forward to. The dances, the parade, the whole weekend was something we anticipated.

As I grew older, I wound up having several friends of mine play at and headline the dances. For a whole weekend, you let go of your worries and just had as much fun as you could fit into three days.

Wallethub based their findings on population size, the number of Irish pubs per capita, so on and so forth. What they missed out on was this staple of the holiday nestled between Amarillo and the Oklahoma line.

There will be drink specials at places all over. There will be "parties" at local watering holes. But for a real "celebration," the choice for me has always been spending St. Patrick's Day weekend in Shamrock, Texas.

Here are the top cities according to Wallethub:

1. Chicago

2. Philadelphia

3. Madison, WI

4. Boston

5. Tampa

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