When I strolled into the office this morning, I noticed the lovely flashing red voicemail light on my desk phone.

I put my stuff down, then picked up the phone wondering who it could be. I mean, I don't get many phone calls on my work phone.

That was when I heard it. There's a cat problem happening right up the street from the radio station.

attachment-6701 Elmhurst

What you see above is a satellite photo of 6701 Elmhurst here in Amarillo. It's located less than half a mile where I post up for the day.

The unidentified caller mentioned that the house itself is vacant, so there's no one there to help run off the cats. They mention there are a couple of untagged/unmarked vehicles at the residence (which COULD be what we see in the photo) but no one ever comes over to get them.

He said that every night between 6-7pm, there are about 20 to 30 cats that arrive on the property. Normally, you'll only see animals show up in packs like that consistently if they're expecting something.

That's exactly what's happening according to the caller. Other neighbors in the area are going out and feeding these cats so they don't end up malnourished. Very noble and regal thing of them to do. There's a bit of an issue with it though.

They are apparently becoming a bit of a nuisance to some of the other people living in the neighborhood. The gentleman that called me said that he had reached out to the city about the problem.

As late as July this year though, the City of Amarillo's shelter was over capacity. Bringing in another 20-30 cats doesn't seem like it's something that can feasibly done if they're already over what they can hold.

It will be interesting to see what ends up happening with the situation. The cats could stop coming, the neighbors could stop feeding them. Either way, there's a cat party going on right now at Elmhurst...and that's just the way the cats seem to like it.

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