While I was out on vacation I feel this story did not get enough exposure. I mean this is the big news we need in the Texas Panhandle. It's definitely one to make you smile and realize how much the kids in our area are not as bad as some people seem to think.

Kids are just kids and like to be out and have some real wholesome fun. So what is a kid to do on a boring afternoon? Especially when it's a school holiday. Kids are just looking for something to do. Most parents were probably at work and weren't wanting a phone call like this.

Again, if it was me receiving this call about my child I would be proud that they weren't out doing something worse. So what was going on in Borger on a school holiday? How about a kid going to a playground to play?

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That sounds like a pretty fun day. This kid wasn't looking to cause any issues. No. They were just wanting to play on the swings. A lot worse things that a thirteen-year-old could be doing.

Where did it all go wrong? When this thirteen-year-old decided that the regular swings were not good enough. I mean if there are baby swings why would you not take advantage of them?

So that is exactly what they did. Until they got stuck. Yep, couldn't escape. So the fire department had to be called. Again, so many other bad things this child could be doing. Oh. to be the fire department getting this call.

They responded. Of course, they responded.

They helped the kiddo out and that is when the fun began. They posted about it. Not very often do they get a fun call like this. Oh, and the comments were the best.

This kid could have been out doing some crazy stuff. He was not. This was very wholesome and I salute this thirteen-year-old.

So when you think that kids are just out to cause headaches remember this. Kids these days are just as good as they were back in our day. All they want to do is go out and have some fun. They just want to go out and enjoy the swings just like every other kid. We need more wholesome fun stories like this happening.

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